Playing Catch Up

The one problem with going away is coming home again. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to come home. It’s just the catching up for the next few days that is the turn off. It seems that no-one I left at home could remember where the vacuum cleaner is kept, where their clothes actually belong (isn’t it the floor?), where the washing machine was or even the local supermarket. It must be the lack of an extra X chromosome. And I’m not going to mention the mountain of paperwork from our business. *sigh*

I just keep remembering the great time I had while I was away. Convincing myself that it was worth the extra work I faced when I got home.

I’ve been on the freeform retreat with Prudence Mapstone that was organised by Threads & More.

Now Prudence is a bit camera shy but can you see the fabulous freeform creation she is wearing?

This was one of many garments & bags that she brought along to inspire us.

This ‘forest’ wrap/sleeveless vest was a favourite of mine, and no amount of photographs could really show it’s true beauty.

Everything about the retreat was lovely. Our accomodation was located in a beautiful part of the world, with views up & down the coast.

At the end of the 3 days I have a bag of bits. I am hoping to add to these and one day it may grow up to be something fabulous!

I’ve also spent some time planning & thinking about some new ideas for products for my etsy shop. Just need to find the time…….

During the week I got an email from Megan. I ‘met’ Megan during the Mystery Stole KAL. Megan was knitting her stole in the same yarn & colourway as me so we got chatting. Megan has finished her stole & it is beautiful. Now, I haven’t forgotten my stole, it’s just with 3 trips away this month & a couple of sick kids thrown in, well….you get the idea. I’m hoping to knit on it today & will still be posting progress pics, just not weekly as I’d hoped .