My Week In Review

Not much more has been accomplished on the Mystery Stole as I’ve been distracted by other things (Playways, freeform knitting/crochet, knitters guild project). I did promise an update photo so here it is, stalled at row 176.

Knitters Guild meeting was this week. I hadn’t been able to go to the last 2 meetings, what with one thing or another, so I was keen to make the trek this month.

Not only did I get my swatch of buttonholes done but I also started on the mobius scarf that was the topic for last month. It’s still on the needles and looks like something the cat dragged in. I have been assured that once I cast off it will resemble a mobius, so a pic next time.

Here is the latest Lizard Ridge block in colourway # 207. I think that makes 15. I’m only getting sent a ball every 6 weeks or so. At that rate it is definitely going to be a looong term project but I have plenty to go on with while waiting for the next shipment.

The other thing that has been taking my time this week is Playways. I’m nearing the end of module 2, which means Shaping & Moulding. Here is the bowl I made this week. It is composed of silk throwsters waste & thread snips. I used some Romeo (a water soluble material) to hold it all together while I stitched over it. After partially dissolving the Romeo in cold water I shaped the soggy, slimey mess over an upturned bowl & left it to dry. This is the third moulded bowl/box I have made & each time I have forgotten that I wanted to add some beading to the edge. Maybe next time (although I’m not real keen on this technique).