Scarves, wraps, stoles..

There must be something in the air. I find myself knitting scarves & other similar items at the moment. I think I need some instant gratification (some finished objects) and really I’m just not into sock knitting (although I did try).
The first of this series is, of course, the MS3. I have done a few more rows, but will save an update pic until later in the week or early next week.
Next in line is the mobius, started at the knitting guild meeting. I am using Cleckheation Country Silk for this. It is lovely on the hands to knit with. I cast on 170 stitches to start (so now have 350). Then just knit what I felt like. So there is some stocking stitch, some garter, a row of eyelets, then some wraps/drop the wraps on the next row (is there a name for this??). Now I’m casting off & have run out of yarn. There is more on the way & when it arrives I will also do a crochet edge. So far I have used 3 balls.

After running out of yarn on the Mobius, I found some black wool/acrylic/alpaca (entwine basics) in my stash and decided to practice some crochet. This is a lovely soft yarn & I think it is the budget version of Patons Inca (same specs). I used a 5mm hook and chained until I was happy with the length (got sick of it), then did 2 double crochet in each chain, then 3 treble in each double crochet (these crochet terms will need to be converted for any US readers wanting to try it out). It takes quite a long time to do this & boy does crocheting use a heap of yarn! 2 1/2 balls later I have a curly wurly scarf.

This may find it’s way into my Etsy shop later today (or my own wardrobe!). Speaking of Etsy, go check out my friend Karin’s shop. Karin is stocking it with her cute necklaces.

Still on scarfing news, the International Scarf Exchange is on again. But be quick as sign ups are limited.