More FOs & Etsy Update

At least these finished objects I like! They are now in my etsy shop & hopefully someone else will also like them.

The first is the Iris scarf. The colours reminded me of Irises in a Monet painting. It is crochet with a large hook, using a hank of handspun that I had in my stash. It always wanted to become a scarf and it’s wish finally came true. I love the colours of this yarn, so rich!

The second is the Seafoam Mobius Wrap. I really enjoyed the mobius technique & will definitely make some more of these. The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Silk (85% wool 15% silk).
There are so many ideas for items for the etsy shop buzzing around in my head & just not enough time for it all. I find myself walking everywhere with a notepad & pencil in case I forget something. Currently I’m developing some ideas for 2 new ranges: Funky Feral & Denim Couture.
I’ve also joined the etsyFAST group (Fiber Arts Street Team)
“..EtsyFAST is a group of independent Fiber Artists working together to spread the word about Etsy. EtsyFAST incorporates over 100 artisans from all over the world who are using their hands to turn various forms of fibers into beautiful artworks, wearables, and supplies.”
(quote from the etsyFAST homepage).