What the?

I finally finished the Nora Gaughan capecho from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/07. It’s tempting to make a typo & write Vague Knitting after the outcome of this project.

I know, I know…I had no faith that it would turn out presentable but I think deep down I was hoping that it just might be wearable, somehow.
The size is huge, yes, I did use a heavier weight yarn & yes, I have lost a little weight….but really! The back length however is somewhat lacking & I have no more yarn to add another row of hexagons but then, why would I? Maybe, though, I should source some more of the Noro Silk Garden, enough to add 2 or even 3 more rows of hexagons and have a squat bulky jacket…….

This is the second attempt with this yarn, first was in Klaralund, now this. Do I really feel like frogging another entire garment? Not yet.

It still feels good to have it off the needles.