A Busy Week But Nothing Really To Show For It

I’ve just realised it’s getting close to a week without blogging. I seem to have been so busy this week (so what’s new with kids/business/household to organise) but haven’t really got anywhere. In knitter speak, that means no finished objects!

I’ve been working away at Sorrel (from Rowan mag # 40). The back & front are done and I’ve made a start on both sleeves together. As the sleeves are a 6 row rib repeat & I’m doing 2 at once this will be slow going. Then there’s the neck collar/cowl/drapey thing to do.
I would really like to get this finished before I start my next big project. And judging by the way I am looking at new projects and adding them to my Ravelry queue, it won’t be long before I have the urge to cast on. The contenders (at the moment) are the Cable-wise Cashmere from the Knitter’s Stash book. Definitely knit in something more affordable though…but somehow Cable-wise wool blend doesn’t have the same ring to it.
The other one I’ve been thinking about is the Tangled-yoke cardigan from the latest IK. I’ve only seen pics on Ravelry & at the KAL blog but I really like the look of the tangled cable yoke. It seems that this issue of IK is not in the Aussie newsagents yet. Just when I didn’t renew my subscription!
IK subscription is notorious here in Oz for either not arriving, arriving after it appears in the newsagents or arriving damaged.
Any other ‘spare’ time has been spent working on a couple of new items for my shop. I’ll give you a sneak peek:

I’m also offering free shipping from now until December 10, great for Christmas shopping!

Matches should be out in the next few days for ISE5 so I can start looking for a pattern & yarns when I know my pals preferences. I know some people decide beforehand but I don’t want to get my heart set on knitting something to find that it doesn’t fit my pal.

If anyone has knit the 2 sweaters I’m considering & have any helpful hints, please let me know.

Late Note: After checking the newsagents for IK every day this week I nearly didn’t bother today. Lucky I did, it was there! After having a closer look at the Tangled Yoke cardi I think it is a definite. I really like the deep rib, the tangled yoke, everything really.