First Doll

I finished the first doll for the Uthando project, using the knitting pattern supplied on their website. The skirt was crocheted after picking up some stitches around her waist. I think she’s a little cutie and had fun making her.
Jess, who is co-ordinating the KAL for the Aussie Knitters group has emailed the participants a list of links with other patterns so I might try a different style for the next one.
I cast on for Argosy last night and have about 3 of the little squares done. I’m looking forward to watching the colour changes as this grows; however I’m finding the yarn a little splitty but think this may be the needles I am using. I’ll think I’ll swap over to the knitpicks interchangeables. At the moment I’m using some cheap metal needles from Big W but I like the short length of these needles & using don’t have any problems.