Little Bits of Progress

I feel that I have made some progress during the past week. I did manage to get a few small items finished & listed on etsy. The scarf for my ISE5 pal is about 3/4 done. I’m not sure if it will be the one tho as it hasn’t worked out entirely how I had pictured it would. I was hoping the colours would actually pool & look more like the original noro scarf. However I didn’t use Noro, I used a merino from The Knittery. This yarn is lovely to knit with & I loved the colour in the skein, but is it the right yarn for this scarf pattern? I’m not sure. I will finish it & reserve the final decision until it is blocked.

The finished items include 2 scarfs & a hat.
The first scarf was woven on the Ashford Knitters Loom.
I’ve had this loom for a little while now & decided it was finally time to learn how to warp it & get started.
Now I know how it all works I want to try something a bit more ‘feral looking’ on it. Not so structured. Well, that’s the plan in my brain…whether I can interpret it onto the loom is another matter.

The second scarf was another experiment. I used some plastic rings and crocheted around them, joining to the previous ring as I went.
I’m quite happy with how this turned out & have bought some more rings. These rings however I can split and interlock together….I’m thinking some kind of neck piece, just trying to decide on colours & also on the lookout for an interesting feature…maybe a large bead or something.

The hat is another in the funky/feral range. It has an opening at the top to allow the wearer to put their dreadlocks through or their ponytail. It is reversible, one side (feral) has knots and ‘bits’ hanging out whilst the other side (funky) is a lovely colour blending stocking stitch fabric. It was created as my response to the etsyFAST October theme of “Earth”.
I joined the etsyFAST group (Fiber Arts Street Team). Every month this group of etsy sellers has a challenge. The theme for October is Earth. The idea is that all the members of etsyFAST list something in their store that they have created in response to the theme. If you’re interested in seeing what others have come up with, just go to etsy & type octoberchallenge into the tags search box.
Both scarves & the hat are in my shop.