Boy Meets Girl

I finished another doll to send to the Uthando project, a boy this time. (And for some reason, in these photos the white filling is very obvious between the stitching, in reality it is not that noticeable.)
Although it was fun to make the dolls, see their personalities develop as their clothes & faces were added; doll knitting is really not my thing. Some knitters really like making fiddly little things, dolls & other toys…but it’s not me. I wanted to make a contribution to the project as I feel it is a very worthwhile cause. In reality, the dolls took very little time to make. I’m hoping that other knitters will also make a doll for Uthando. I know members of the Aussie Knitters group are doing their bit and little dolls are being knit as I type.
The second lesson for the joggles course, Art Quilt Exploration, is up. This week we are exploring the use of felt in an art quilt. Today I’m planning on digging out my felts, seeing if the colours will inspire me in some way. From memory, the colours are quite dull, deep reds, dark green, a blue.
Any quilters in Australia who are after a bargain…I have listed Issues 1 to 20 of
Quilters Companion on ebay. It is for the set (with 2 bonus mags thrown in) with free postage. Because of the size of this parcel it is only available in Australia. (Just search Quilters Companion & it should come up).