A Joggles Kinda Day

Yesterday I had a joggles craftin’ day. 2 joggles classes means that I have to stay on the ball, I don’t want to get behind (& there’s a 3rd one starting in a couple of weeks).

First I worked on the bird quilt for Art Quilt Explorations. I’m really enjoying making these mini art quilts. Each quilt is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, although the bird quilt, after cropping, is about 1/2 that size.

Jane, our teacher, is great. She has a good eye for design & when she makes a suggestion about your work you think ‘well, yes, why didn’t I notice that?’ But that’s why we do these classes isn’t it? To learn, to develop our sense of colour & design.

So there is a touch more stitching to add to my bird quilt, “At Water’s Edge”.

The second joggles course is being taught by Susan Sorrell. It is Doodle Designs and we are creating a small stitched piece based on different doodling techniques each week.

This week it is created from a magazine collage. I haven’t started stitching yet but here is my collage and another pic after manipulating it in Photoshop.

Knitting? Of course I’ve been knitting!

I seem to have a serious case of startitis at the moment. Normally I limit myself to one, maybe 2, possibly even 3 projects on the needles at any one time. But lately I feel the need to have more! I have cast on for a jumper (sweater) for my youngest son. There is no hurry as it’s only the middle of Spring here, so plenty of time; but of course he keeps asking me how long will it take?? I am using Jo Sharp DK and the pattern is a combo of the Weasley sweater by Blue Blog and a commercial pattern that I’m using as the inspiration for the stitch pattern (a K4, P1 allover rib) and for the colour & striping across the chest. I’m only a couple of inches in so I’ll post pics as it gets more interesting.

I’ve also got yarn for a wrap for myself from the latest VK Holiday issue; and have ordered more yarn for the Tangled Yoke Pullover (I’m determined to get gauge this time).