Doodles Designs Stamping Lesson

This morning I have been working through one of the Doodles Designs lessons. This is part of the joggles online course I am doing.

Fisrt I carved out a doodle onto a section of a Speedy Cut carving block. I only used a small section so I’ve got plenty left to make some more stamps.

Then I applied some Jacquard paints. I found it easiest to do this with a small sponge roller. First I used Dye-na-Flow in Golden Yellow all over the stamp & then stamped the fabric. (I know I should have taken some progress pics, but I didn’t think & I’m sure you know what I mean). Next I randomly applied some Neopaque in Red to bits of the stamp & overstamped the fabric, trying to line up the stamp to where I had already stamped it in yellow (but not being too precious about it).

This fabric can be used a background to some stitching or it may be cut up & appliqued to something else. I’m not sure yet where it will end up….but I do have heaps more of the carving block and heaps more of that fabric. I’d really like to try & carve one of my life drawings to print…we’ll see.