Good Weather For Ducks (& Knitters)

It’s been raining for most of the weekend. My little town has topped the states rainfall records in a couple of time periods over the last couple of days. Not that that’s unusual. NSW, like most of Australia is in drought so there isn’t that much rain to report. Our town, however, is in a favourable position. If it’s raining anywhere, it’s usually raining here.
I really should carry my camera with me. At the end of my street there are sporting fields, you know, for cricket & soccer. Well on Saturday we drove past
on our way to the shops) and the fields were no longer grass, they were covered in water. It looked amazing. Not just patches of water like after a normal heavy rainfall, but it was actually all covered. It must have been quite deep in places because all the neighbourhood children were out with their surfboards and body boards and having a fabulous time. I really should carry my camera with me.
Well, the benefits of this weather have multiplied as the rain continued. Sporting events were cancelled….3 extra hours at home to create, washing would not dry……more hours available because I couldn’t wash, hang out washing, unpeg washing & then iron washing. Wet weather meant no walks, no tennis, no outside…….no excuse not to stay dry inside & create.
So, I spent a lot of time knitting my son’s jumper. I have finished the back & and nearly finished the front. I’m hoping to get the front done today & make a start on the sleeves. No pics…I’m having problems with the photo editing on my new laptop & the colours just don’t look right.
The other thing on my ‘to do’ list is to get module 2 of Playways done by the end of this week. I didn’t realise how little I actually had left to get it finished. Yesterday I “played” with water soluble (Romeo) and some machine stitching. Once these pieces dry I can apply the finishing touches and get it all packaged up to send to Dale for her comments.
Here are pics of my Playways work I did but they are crap. Out of focus, bad colour, etc…..but let’s pretend I am just being arty, giving you a ‘glimpse’ of my new projects.