Bad Blogger

Over a week since I posted, I am a bad blogger. I can only put blame on the time of year (I seem to have little time for the *unessentials* of the season at the moment) and a new arrival into the household:


(not the best pic I know but they can only improve from here)

Monty is a 3 month old Blue Burmese who now rules the house. He is totally adorable & so cute. Kittens are a definite time waster (well, time occupier). You may remember Monty from here. I’ve been visiting the litter since they were one week old and this previous pic is either Monty or one of his 3 brothers.

With Monty in the house I have managed a little knitting. I’ve worked another square on the Rambling Rows Afghan. I’ve felted the Noni Lattice Bag (it is drying as we speak) and I’ve knit 2+ balls of Jo Sharp Kid Mohair on the Angel Puff Scarf. No pics though as each of these minor accomplishments means boring photos.

I had a strange experience felting the Lattice Bag. One side refused to felt for a very long time. It must have taken 4 cycles of the washing machine, and one side is still ‘underdone’ compared to the other side. I have never had this type of uneven felting occur before.

As I near the completion of the knitting on the Angel Puff Scarf I’ve just realised that the yarn I am using has a fair percentage of polyamide (15%). I had a moment of panic when it occurred to me that it wouldn’t felt. But, I have used a spit join twice on this project and the two strands of yarn felted well with a little moisture & friction between my hands, so all should be ok.

I will take pre- & post-felting pics of the scarf, as well as pics of the Lattice Bag after it has dried.

Another project that is taking up my time recently is the last Joggles class for me for the year. It is Pollage & the teacher is Patricia DiBona. Pollage is a combination of painting & collage. I am working on 3 canvases at the moment & learning from my many mistakes along the way *lol*. I will take some photos when I’ve finished or neared completion.

I also bought a Janome Xpression embellisher (felting) machine. So far I love it. I’ve only had time for a few short plays on the machine but there is a lot of potential there. I’ve managed to work on a wrap/scarf piece. It is in the washing machine right now, I wanted to put it through the wash to see if it would felt further & blend the fibres more.