Post Felting

I seem to be throwing quite a bit of my knitting into the washing machine lately & feeling some disappointment that my new washer is much gentler than my older one. My old machine could produce a nicely felted item in 15 minutes. The new machine takes 3 or 4 cycles. Although I’m sure my clothes are thankful for this difference.

I felted the Lattice Bag. It took ages and felted unevenly. I have since learnt to do a presoak to ensure the item is ‘well watered’. The finished bag body is just the right size to accomodate a waste paper bin in my office. I am seriously considering calling it a finished item & using it for just that purpose.

I finished my second item in the Yarn magazine KAL. It’s the Angel Puff Scarf by Nicky Epstein that was in Issue 8 of Yarn.

I used marbles in the felting. Here it is prefelted with marbles in place, placed randomly along the lower parts of the scarf.

And after felting:

I used 3 balls of Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in Clove. The colour is very difficult to photograph/edit. It looks really horrible in these pictures but is quite a nice shade of mushroomy brown. Before felting it measured 120cm. After felting it looked much smaller but when I measured it, it had only shrunk by 10 cm.

I have chosen my next project for the KAL but have to finish swatching to see if my stash yarn is suitable. I don’t think I’ll be completing 9 projects in total before the first week of March but with 2 under my belt I feel I’ve made an effort so far.

I’ve also signed up for the bag swap that the Australian Knitters group in Ravelry are organising. It will be nice to take part in a local swap. I have met some wonderful people by participating in international swaps & no doubt I’ll take part in more. However, international postage is very expensive and it’ll be nice to get a parcel together without being restricted so much by shipping costs.

Joggles have released their list of classes for the next session. Lots of great things there. I am really tempted by a few of them. I haven’t signed up for any as yet, but I guess I will in the new year.