I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a safe journey into the new year.

This is normally the time of year for reflection & contemplation. Reflection on the past 12 months…what did I hope to accomplish & how much did I accomplish? Contemplation for the next 12 months…..what do I hope to accomplish….
Like many others I have the usual hopes of losing weight & saving money. I never hold out much hope that either of these things will happen…maybe that’s where I am going wrong….I am thinking negatively. So maybe for 2008 my goal is to be more positive…yes I can lose weight, yes I can save money, yes I can finish all those projects, yes I can resist adding to my book & yarn stash, yes I can……well you get the picture 🙂
Seriously..I don’t make new year resolutions. I do enter each new year though feeling as if it’s a clean slate…to make my mark upon. And I hope each year to do the best I can, live the best life I can & be the best person I can be.(Some people seriously test me each year!)
I do wonder though what each new year will bring…what joys, what sorrows..
Enough navel gazing!
The Lattice Bag body has been put to good use. It is my new project holder. Perfect! Large enough to hold a complete project & sturdy enough to remain upright.
I finished a quick scarf last week.
A combo of yarns in blues & browns, some shell flowers, a wooden bead, some braids, crocheted, braided, crochet flowers…….
the name Beach Pebble won’t leave my brain.
It can be wrapped in different ways around the neck or waist.
The Autumn Rose sweater is progressing very slowly. I finished the 15 rows of corrugated rib and then had a brain lapse… for some reason (perhaps the lateness of the hour!) I thought I had the incorrect number of stitches, by over 100 !! So the needles came out & I started frogging. At this stage I decided to try it on & discovered it was a good fit around my waist….yea!…but hang on, I’m 100+ stitches too many, that’s why I’m frogging remember….does this mean my gauge is way off too?! If I didn’t love this sweater so much I think it would have been swiftly thrown into the back of a cupboard somewhere at this stage, as I tried (for quite a while) to sort out my gauge issues & stitch count.
Luckily I had only frogged 2 rows by the time my sanity returned. I realised my error, did a recount, slowly picked all 297 stitches up again, reknit the 2 rows I had frogged, knit 1 more row so I felt I had made progress & went to bed!
I have since found a knitalong for Autumn Rose. I won’t be actually joining but it’s nice to follow along & read all the posts & see pics of finished Autumn Roses. Some of these knitters have done many many swatches in preparation for the actual knitting…where do they get such patience?
As well as knitting I finally finished Module 2 of Playways on the Net. Module 3 arrived & it looks very interesting. It’s all about layers…so great fun. I’ve made a start and hope to get a bit done every week.
I am also at the stage of the course where I can start my first major assignment. I have had an idea brewing for a while that will combine my interest in textile art, life drawing & perhaps some freeform knitting/crochet.
One thing I do hope to accomplish this year is a clean out! I have dabbled in quite a few arts/crafts, bought supplies, books etc. I’ve finally come to the realisation that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything, so the time has come to make a few decisions. My goal over the next few weeks is to make some (difficult) decisions and sort through my ‘stuff’. Anything I haven’t used/see no hope of using in the near future will find it’s way to ebay. I need a clear space in which to work & create. I’m not one of those people who thrive in clutter, so I’m hoping it will result in a couple of benefits….more space, more creativity as a result of more space & some extra cash in my pocket.
Have a great 2008 everyone!!