Instant Gratification

There’s nothing like a quick project for some instant gratification. While I’m still knitting on the bigger projects, it’s always good to have something quick & easy to pick up in between. Something that you don’t have to concentrate on, something that can be completed in a day or so.
The Beach Pebble Lariat from the other day was one of those projects & this Green Scarf is another.
The inspiration for the Green Scarf (a better name anyone???) came from some green shell discs I picked up at the local Spotlight store. I envisaged a long light green scarf in shades to match the shells. Once I got home I rummaged through my stash & pulled out all the green yarns. I ended up using 6 different yarns, trying to get a mix of shades & textures that looked good together. As there were 20 discs I would knit 10 rows, tying a disc at the end of each row. Only being 10 rows & wanting a light airy scarf meant using large needles. Out came the Denise set. I used size 15 and a long cable as I had to knit this horizontally so I could attach the discs at the beginning & end of each row. I don’t know how many stitches I cast on (too many to count) but there was a lot as I wanted to make sure it was long enough…definitely long! (In the photo below it is wrapped loosely twice around the neck).

A bit of knitting here & there over a couple of days & the Green Scarf was done.

The other project that I’m finding good to knit without having to think too much is the Rambling Rows Afghan. As long as I remember to do the decreases on the correct row, it’s good.

You can see the symmetry of the design starting to develop now.