Blazing Sunsets

I’ve decided to add any new yarn purchases to my blog & to my Ravelry stash folder. Hopefully this will keep me in check from unnecessary purchases (yeah right).
Blazing Sunset arrived today. This yarn was a custom order from Collette at . Collette was wonderful to deal with & made sure she dyed to my specifications. The yarn is 1000 yards of superwash BFL. I custom ordered this yarn late last year & it is for the Swiss Cheese Scarf. I’ve seen pics of this scarf in changing colours & it looked great so when I came across Collette’s etsy shop with the Blazing Sunset colourway I asked her if she could dye me something similar in a fingering weight & with enough yardage for the scarf. She was more than happy to do this for me.
There will be more yarn posted soon as I *had* to make an ebay purchase πŸ™‚