Incentive Enough??

I need to get back to the gym & back on track with my eating habits. The last few weeks I have been lax on both counts. Lack of transport (to get to the gym), school holidays (so the kids are home….. more ‘junk’ food in the house) and the extra food that you *must* have during this time of year have all meant I have gained a few kilos.

But the worst thing is the extra cost of yarn to knit a larger size!! I have been checking out the cost of yarn for a project on my Ravelry queue. I am between sizes and, at this stage, would opt to knit the larger size (just in case & for the comfort factor) BUT the difference in price from the size I was & the size I nearly am is…are you ready for this….$63.00!!!!! Yes, $63.00!! It is Rowan, but still..

This garment is knit in more than one colour & of course going up a size means a bit more of each colour, but $63.00?? I think this one can stay in the queue a bit longer….looking for me? I’ll be at the gym.