I Blame Ebay

My latest yarn acquisition arrived this morning, thanks to ebay! It is gorgeous. I want more but it was rather pricey & I can’t justify another skein.
As a wannabee freeform/knitwear designer I can have one skein of this overpriced arty yarn but no more. It is Premier by Feza. A rich lush purple with some red, orange & a bit of glitz. I haven’t undone the hank as yet but it looks like a heap of different yarns in there.
Oooh just found pink & black. It ranges from a very thin glitz yarn to a 2cm wide ribbon.
Actually ebay has gotten a bit of my business in the last couple of days, so there will be more to show you.
I’ve had to buy some wool for my bag swap pals bag so while I’m waiting for that to arrive I decided to make a felted knitting needle case from some stash yarn. I figure as it’s stash yarn that it won’t count toward the $30 limit. The knitting is pretty mindless, lots of stocking stitch, so no progress pics. The pattern is an online freebie that you can get from here. I love the way it says on the pattern, crafting time: 2 hours. 2 hours!! Maybe I’m just a slow knitter. I’m using Rustic from Bendigo Woollen Mills, double stranded.
We’ve had a lot of rain around here in the last few weeks. There have been some records broken for rainfall & flooding in some parts further up the coast and inland along the rivers. The effect here has seen the river looking awful. It is normally a beautiful inviting blue (I will get pics on a good day) but now is a sludgy brown, as it’s full of runoff from the floods & debris is starting to wash down towards the sea. Bulldozers have been on the beaches scooping up the brown foam (where do they put it??). They’ve also been scooping up dead fish. I think the influx of freshwater means there is less oxygen for the fish or something. You can see fish in the river gasping for breath at the surface. It’s not a pretty sight, but that’s nature for you.