It’s Not My Birthday

It’s not my birthday but it felt like it this morning. There were lots of parcels left on my doorstep.

One was quite boring, it was just some new cleaning product that I’m going to try on my glass shower door. I’d seen it advertised in magazines a bit & emailed the supplier to see if there was a stockist in my area. The list of stockists was promptly emailed back. There was none local. So I emailed a thank you back & let them know that there was no one stocking their product around here. They emailed back straight away & offered to send me some (well, it was more like a mail order form) but it came straight away. I’ll try it out next week (we’re going away for the Australia Day long weekend) and see how it goes.

Now for the good stuff:

The last of my Ravelry trade parcels came. I’ve been swapping some unwanted books for yarn & fibre. The first was from Susie who sent me Pink. I’m taking part in 2 pink projects at the moment. The concepts are basically the same. Knit/crochet pink coloured scrumbles to be later assembled into garments/bags/something that will be auctioned to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. One is organised on Ravelry by Prudence Mapstone & the other is through Jenny Dowde’s Yahoo group (but there is mention of it on her Ravelry group).

I don’t have a lot of pink in my stash…I found a couple of oddments & a couple more at the op shop so Susie’s contribution is awesome.

And there was also a ball of something (Moda Vera Bamboo/cotton) & a cute card just for me. Thanks Susie!

Next was a box full of pencil roving from Sarah. No excuses for not trying out that spindle now. There is heaps here, should keep me busy for quite a while. Thanks Sarah!

The last parcel is actually some yarn that I purchased. But I “had” to. I have the project for it, just couldn’t find the right yarn. Also this was on special, so close to half price, so how could I let that pass me by. Thanks Tapestry Craft!

In my defence for spending on yarn (even if it was half price) is the increase in income from ebay selling. I did list 2 books & both have sold. One was a quilting book and the other was a little gem I found at a second hand book sale, a vintage dressmaking book that I bought for 25 cents. This 25 cent investment just returned over $70. I was so pleased. I just had a feeling when I saw that book that it was worth something and for 25 cents I had nothing to lose.

I also have some more crafty type books that I will be listing in the next week or so. I feel the urge to have a big clean out (need room for more yarn!)