It’s A Jungle Out There!

I love that I don’t have any (human) neighbours over my back fence but I hate the easy access for the snakes.
We had another visitor this week:

Can anyone identify it? Please?

It really wasn’t as big as it looks in these photos (about 2 foot long) but anything in snake form is too big for my backyard.

Between my dog & a (ahem) brick (yes I know they are protected but so are my children!) it didn’t last long. Which brought another visit from the kookaburras,

who came down for a look & then flew away, without their free meal. Maybe they like them alive.

On the positive side, we do get visits from these guys:

Tiny little blue wrens. They are only a couple of inches tall & very quick (difficult to photograph). These are the boys, the girls are plain greyish/brown but still very cute.

Today was our last botanical drawing class…a banksia serrata. I’m still working on my picture but I’ll post it some time soon.

Only 10 squares on my Dictionary of Materials for Textiles to go.