Today I managed to snap a Pheasant Coucal over the back fence. These are shy birds that tend to take cover as soon as they know someone is near.

A beautiful large bird that is seldom seen flying (& doesn’t fly very well).

I’ve also been working on my textile course . A requirement of the course is to produce a number of projects. The first is to do with the Language of Materials.

This first project has got me thinking about the effects of plastic bags on coral reefs. I started to do some research on this & this led to the impact of plastics in the oceans as a whole.
Today on my beach walk I took notice of the number of plastic bags laying on the beach. The beach I visit is very clean but there was still evidence of plastic pollution. I also collected a small bag of “found objects” (in this instance just an arty name for rubbish). I’m thinking of including some of them in my project.
At the moment I am experimenting with crocheting coral & other underwater ‘stuff’ using recycled plastic bags as the material.
I found instructions here for making the plastic bag yarn. Crocheting with this “yarn” is hard on my hands but interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes….& if this project works out or not.