Joggles Online Classes

The new list of online classes hosted by Joggles is up! I have done a few classes over the last couple of years & highly recommend them. If you sign up for their newsletter, Barbara will let you know when the new classes are being offered.

I have picked 2 to do this time. The first is the Studio Journals class with Sharon Boggon. I’ve done most of my Joggles classes with Sharon (another Australian by the way) & have been very impressed with the amount of effort she puts in to preparing for the classes & giving feedback during the class. There have always been plenty of class notes with lots of pictures & examples & Sharon gives readily of her time & knowledge. I’m looking forward to the journal class.

The other class I’m considering is Textile Art with Pizzazz with Debbie Babbin. I haven’t “met” Debbie yet but have heard only good things about her & I love the Flora art quilt.

The pictures I’ve added to this post are of some things I made as part of previous Joggles classes.