One Down….

One Gluttony sock finished. I’m so happy with the outcome & hope to cast on for the second sock tonight. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not a seasoned sock knitter but I did find some parts of the pattern confusing. There were little boxes of instructions that didn’t seem to be placed where they were to be knit. Luckily a bit of common sense in sock anatomy & looking at the pictures really helped to sort it out.

One great feature of this pattern is the optional arch shaping which I included. I have a highish arch & this shaping really made the sock snug in this area as well as adding some interest.

I had to make lots of little notes as I went so I knew where I was up to, juggling (gusset?) decreases, arch shaping, pattern rows & colour changes; but it was worth it.

I’ve also added a new scarf to my etsy shop. It is Floribunda & was knit as my entry to the etsyFAST Team monthly challenge for May…flowers.