Gluttony Done

I’ve completed my Gluttony Socks from the 7 Deadly S(p)ins yarn club. This was a great pattern, although it was daunting at first when I looked at the 4 skeins of (lovely) yarn and the pictures of the completed socks that included gradual colour changes & a pattern. I am not a sock knitter, but it was like any knitting…one stitch at a time. I just followed the pattern, used some common sense and scrutinising the pics when I couldn’t understand where I was supposed to decrease/pick up or increase.
I’m really happy with how these turned out. It’s a shame they will be hidden under pants & in shoes.

The 2nd shipment arrived with lots of nice goodies & yarn. I won’t be knitting the supplied pattern as it’s not something I would use but I’ve got another project in mind for the yarn. Seems there was a little bit of discontent amongst some of the yarn club members on Ravelry over this package…but I guess you can’t please everyone all of the time. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw the first shipment was a sock pattern as I don’t really knit socks…..but I gave it a go & I’m really pleased I did.

I’ve been playing with the blogger template again, trying to get the layout I want & also getting my links/web rings back again. I think it’s just about right now. I know some people say wordpress is the way to go, but I’m happy on blogger (for now).

I’ve heard from my ISE6 scarf pal & my scarf should be on its way. I’ve also ordered a new book so there will be some nice things arriving in the post over the next couple of weeks.