Thanks Becky

Yesterday I received my ISE6 package from Becky. Inside was a lovely red crochet scarf.

Thanks Becky, I really love it. I am going through a real red phase at the moment.

There was also a skein of a nice squishy green yarn…not sure what it is (Becky?) but I’d like to make something special with it.

Thanks Becky.

I’ve finally finished my son’s jumper. This was started last year & the back & front were finished when I realised that it was a good fit then (in summer) but would probably not fit him later this year. So I frogged the lot & then ordered some more yarn.

The pattern is the Weasley Sweater which is available free on the Blue Blog Patterns. The stitch pattern & colour striping is based on a mens jumper pattern put out by Patons.