Rose + Beach + Journal

Autumn Rose has had a bit of a set back. Somewhere (20 rows back) I made a mistake. The colours were off & the pattern was not developing properly. So I ripped back & I’m about half way back to where I was a week ago.

I was going to put off starting the latest Jane Thornley KAL on Ravelry & devote myself to Autumn Rose but seeing everyone elses photos & reading their chatter..well, I couldn’t resist the pull any longer. I gathered my beachy yarns & cast on. The knit a beach workshop KAL has begun.

Also this week saw the start of the latest Joggles online class with Sharon. I initially chose a smallish size journal to work in, less pretentious I thought & something I could carry in my bag to make notes etc when the ideas struck. I prepped a couple of pages with a water colour wash and made a start on the exercises. I hadn’t got very far when I realised that I need more page space to feel comfortable. I’m going to work in a larger format, possibly A4. The smaller journal will still be in my handbag & I’ll just cut & paste (literally) into the larger journal anything that gets put into it.
The pictures are of the Knit A Beach vest.