No pictures today but hopefully the weather won’t be as gloomy in the next few days & I can get the camera out.

I’ve been working through the exercises for the studio journal online class. Lots of frottage (rubbings) and now onto some colour exercises. Similar to what I’ve done in my City & Guilds Handknit design course but it’s always good to refresh yourself on these basic principals.

Since I signed up for the bead journal project I’ve been looking at last years participants pieces & trying to pinpoint what it is exactly about the ones I’m most drawn to. There are a range of styles I like……crazy patchwork & then beaded, some dyed lace which was beaded but I also like those that were completely beaded, heavy & colourful. I think that’s the way I want to go, so my pieces can’t be too big or I won’t have the time to complete them each month.

I’ve also been considering how I will put it all together. First I thought a book of some kind, doing the beading on small pages, perhaps with eyelets along one side so I can run a dyed silk ribbon through it to join the pages together. But would a book be seen, would the beads wear as they rub against the other pages & take their weight. So then I’m thinking..maybe I’ll frame the pieces, have a 4 x 3 arrangement in one frame, or 4 tryptychs, or 12 pieces side by side to make a complete scene when viewed together, or…..? Too many options……but I think if I have a goal to work towards, if I know how the pieces will come together at the end of the 12 months, then I am more likely to complete the year long challenge (wish me luck).

I also thought it may help to have some kind of theme, last year there were butterflies, hearts & sea creatures……or I could concentrate on one colour each month perhaps.

Part of the studio journal online class involves participation in an online forum. This is where I got my idea for the “theme” of the bead journal. One of my classmates has made postcards before which evolved from paintings. She isolated a part of a painting & created a piece based on that. You can see a couple of her postcards here & here.

So at this stage (2+ months before the official start of the 2008 Bead Journal Project) I am considering doing small rectangular pieces, to be framed together, based on an isolated section of whatever painting ‘speaks’ to me in that month. I can see Monet, Van Gogh & Klimt for definites.