Studio Journal Week 3

First off, a big thanks to Jan for nominating me for a Brilliant Blogger. (I need to decide on my 7 nominations.)

Some more paper cutting fun in the Studio Journal class. This time I took a couple of photos I have in flickr and loaded them into this kaleidoscope tool. Once my kaleidoscope were printed I made them into snowflakes. Here are the results:

This first kaleidoscope was originally a photo of the yarns I am using for the Knit A Beach KAL. I think this would be a good tool to use to “audition” a group of yarns for any project. By mixing them up like this & taking away the actual subject, it is easier to see the colours & how they play together.

The second kaleidoscope came from a picture of some Stinkhorn Fungus that I discovered in my garden last winter (& has made another appearance this year). This was used as inspiration for the Triffid scarf I knit & felted.

When I was working in my studio (small spare room) I decided to take some photos to share. I know I enjoy taking a peek at other people’s creative spaces so here’s mine. Remember they were spur of the moment pics, so no tidying up etc.

Here is the desk area where my sewing machine usually resides, overlooking the front garden. Whilst the studio journal class is underway I have removed the machine & spread out my class supplies.

Part of the book shelf & a freeform knit/crochet work in progress on the mannequin. (yes, they are flying pigs on the wall).

Some of my yarn supply. There are also more shelves & baskets for materials, painting/drawing, beading, other textile art supplies etc. On top of these shelves are my magazines & baskets containing projects underway.

What you can’t see is behind the door, where I keep my cutting boards, blocking boards, and my cork board on the wall. Also the wardrobe that contains more cupboards of tools (like heat guns, a roller printer, etc), beads, felt pieces, bits of ribbons, stamps, wool roving, etc.
Obviously not enough space & everything is pretty cramped. Although I do know where most things are & I enjoy having it all around me as I work.