Secrets Revealed

I have been doing some secret knitting lately that I can now reveal.

There were a few participants of the International Scarf Exchange that never received their parcels, whether it had gone missing in the mail or whether their pal didn’t hold up their end of the bargain…who knows.

I know how it feels to miss out on your swap package. It has happened to me twice. Once was in a Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap & the other in a handbag exchange.

I was lucky enough in the handbag exchange to be assigned an angel, Mary. An angel is someone who puts together a parcel for a swap participant who misses out. So I became an angel in this last exchange.

My mission: to put together a package for Jennifer, who has missed out more than once on a swap package. Jennifer seems like such a fun person it would have been nice to have longer to get to know her better. Yarn choice seemed easy as we have similar taste (although there’s always that doubt when knitting for someone you have never met). I chose a bright dark blue from the Jo Sharp range, something that would knit up fairly quickly as I wanted Jen to have a package ASAP.

It took a few starts to get a pattern I was happy with…soemthing that was more than a basic garter stitch but not something too complicated that would be lost in that great yarn or take forever to complete. A cable may have been nice but would have taken me far too long, so I decided on a mistake rib. An easy pattern: K2, P2, repeat to end & finish with a K3. Each row is the same. The result was a nicely textured scarf.

I added a few local goodies & wished it a bon voyage.

My parcel has now been received & Jennifer was happy. Mission complete!