A few events have resulted in me not posting for a while. Nothing life shattering (don’t worry!) just life in general…..you know work, study, family, etc. All those everyday things that take up time each day and before you know it the day has gone, the week has gone, actually August has nearly gone (how did that happen!).

The Bead Journal Project is officially starting in a few days & a bit of mild panic has set in. I’m not a beader! But it’s all ok…that’s why I signed up. The panic is probably more because I have yet to decide on a size or theme (if any), format, etc. I’ve started looking around at some of the previous participants blogs again to get some inspiration. One thing I did notice that helped navigate their blogs easily was that a lot of bloggers are using labels on their posts. This is something I have never done before. So I’ve decided to start. I’ve gone back a couple of months & added some labels…just in case anyone visits my blog looking for all my Bead Journal Project pieces (label = bjp) in one place or my knitting or reference to joggles online courses I’m doing etc. At the moment I think I have 4 labels happening. Future posts may see the introduction of more labels (but I don’t want to go overboard here) and I may go back & label some older posts.

So what have I been doing? There has been some knitting, some work on my handknit coursework and some holiday preparation (I bought a journal & enquired about currency…..that’s preparation right?). I love a blog post with pictures, so hopefully I’ll get my act together for next time.