For Want Of A Better Name

I was reading someone’s blog yesterday & she has started using a number instead of a title. Not a bad idea I thought. I struggle to come up with a title for each post. I want a title that has some relevance to the actual post, is witty but not so ridiculous that you think I’m very very strange. So you might see numbers here from now on.

Last year I went on a weekend retreat to Montville with a group of freeformers under the guidance of Prudence Mapstone. I hang my head in shame that I still haven’t finished the project I started at the time.
Since then I found a red top. I didn’t like the actual print so much but was attracted to the velvet sleeves, which I removed. Those sleeves formed the basis for my freeform pieces. I am in the process of attaching them & making a more standard style top than the original wrap/seamless vest I started out to assemble.