Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Who says they’re weeds?? I think they are quite beautiful when you really look at them. (well that’s my excuse for letting them grow & prosper!)

I’ve finally got a day off to catch up. Lots of work & study lately have eaten into my “me” time & my creative moments are few & far between. Although now the theory section of the course (Aged Care) is over I still have the 80 hours of work placement in a high care facility to complete.

I was hoping to get Autumn Rose done before we head off to New Zealand (next week, how did that come up so quickly??) but that won’t be happening. I think the approaching steeks frightened me a bit & I’ve found other things to knit instead. Not to worry, I WILL get it done.

A little knitting has been happening. I finished another mobius wrap, this time in purples. It’s quite narrow so I may yet add something along the edge, maybe some freeform crochet?? I’ll see.

My September page for the Bead Journal Project is nearly done. I’m hoping to get it completed later today or tomorrow. Well, the front will be done. I’m still undecided as to how to finish each page off…it will depend on what I decide to do with it after the year is up……maybe book form or framed, or…?

I’ve started my drawing as part of the class I’m taking online with Suzi Blu. Only watercolour pencils at this stage. I’m really liking how I can blend them with a damp brush. I don’t know if I will add any acrylic paint or not to the face. And I have to decide whether I’m painting in her dress or collaging something.

Now she’s on my screen I can see that one pupil is bigger than the other & her nose is very white !!!