Did You Miss Me?

Yes I’m still here. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. I don’t know what the reason is exactly. I’ve been busy, but probably no busier than usual, although I did start a new job & the early starts are killing me……today I came home & had a mid afternoon nap!
There has been some knitting, although no pics as yet. I’m slowly working on my latest bead Journal page……the recent one is going slowly……I think because I’m not very happy with it. I chose the beads & they were cheap. That was a mistake. I figured that as I’m a beginner that cheap beads would be ok & I wouldn’t buy more expensive beads in case I messed it up. Big mistake, the cheap beads are plastic….I’m guessing they are not colourfast. They are also uneven & making my bead embroidery look messy. Lesson learnt: buy the best supplies that you can afford, it’s worth it. If I’m going to put in all that time & effort in to create something, I want it to look good, to be a pleasure to work with the materials & to be long lasting. These beads are not any of those things.
I recently took part in a Christmas stocking swap over on Ravelry. The idea was to knit a stocking & include a small gift with the parcel. Well, my swap pal outdid herself & I was truly spoilt. A fab stocking in yarn that she hand dyed in my fav colours & lots of little parcels to open. It included Christmas decorations, a pedicure set, a bead kit, body lotion & shower gel, notepad & chocolates. Hmmm, hope I haven’t forgotten anything. A great swap parcel from a great pal.