Blogs I Read

I’ve started adding a list of blogs that I read (more to come & they will be added when I have time). The list is in the sidebar on the right hand side. Have a look…you may find some new favourites!

And some pictures (just because):

the first couple are of some rundown sheds that can be seen from the highway near Grafton. There are a lot of them in this area & I wanted to capture them on film before they either fell down or were pulled down. Trouble was, we were in the car (& not stopping), also the camera lens had “something” on it that I didn’t see at the time…but I think it just adds to the atmosphere. I’d love to draw these one day & add a wash of colour.
The last photo is of an old church that is for sale, about 20 minutes down the road. Please someone buy it & convert it to a yarn store/book shop/art gallery/coffee shop. DH didn’t think it was a viable financial option, hmmm.
I’ve seen photos of the interior…it is gorgeous & looks to be in great condition.