There has been a bit of discussion on the pricing of handknits on Etsy. Nothing unusual in this…it happens on a regular basis as new stores are opened & crafters/artists face the dilemma of how much to ask for their goods.

We don’t want to “big note” ourselves by having a “high” price or make our goods look cheap by letting them go for next to nothing. This is something I’ve struggled with since I started selling my handknits. I doubt that a handknitter can ever get paid what their items are really worth, if you factor in time. Who is going to pay me for the many many hours of time I put into a freeform handbag at say $10 an hour, let alone $20 if I am to support myself by knitting?

Then there are the incidental costs, such as web site hosting, business cards, packaging materials, fuel to pick up supplies, etc etc.

Here is an article I found on the subject:

By the way, if anyone is willing to pay me $20 an hour plus the cost of supplies, please visit my shop, drop me an email & I’ll adjust the price to reflect your interest :))