I’ve just heard on the news that the death toll is 180+ & there are many more in hospital listed as critical. Forensic teams have started searching the burnt out areas & more bodies may be found.

I want to thank everyone who has made contact through my blog, by email or on Ravelry. Australia is a huge country & fortunately I am nowhere near the fires down south or the devastating floods up north.

It is also heartwarming to hear of the millions of dollars pouring in from around this wonderful country and from overseas. I look around my home at all my “stuff” and try to imagine how I’d feel if it was all gone, if all I had were the clothes on my back.

The magnitude of this tragedy makes me feel helpless. I’m joining the rest of Australia in doing my little bit. I’ve donated money & am waiting an appointment to donate blood. Apparently the Red Cross is staggering blood donations as the burns victims will need more blood in the weeks to come. It is horrendous to imagine the pain they are to face in the coming months & the lifelong scars they will be left with. But I think it will the invisible scars that will be the hardest to live with.