For the last few months I have had a craving, an urge….I’ve been wanting to spin! A spindle just wasn’t going to cut it…it had to be a wheel. Yes, I did have a wheel a couple of years ago that I didn’t really use. It didn’t feel like it was mine. It felt like I was just looking after it at the time & I didn’t feel a bond with it…….seems I was right, because, after only a few months, that wheel found it’s way back to the previous owner (by this time she was half way round the world, the owner of a beautiful new wheel but missing her first love).

I’ve been looking at new wheels but was hesitant to pay the $$ in case the same thing happened. What if I just think I want to spin, pay the money for a fancy wheel & then have it sit forlornly in the corner again.

So, I’ve been biding my time, listening to spinners on Ravelry say how their first wheel “found” them & even if they’ve moved on to fancy, smancy wheels that their first love will always have a home with them.

There is no spinning wheel shop in my neighbourhood. I’ve checked de-stash threads, looked in the classifieds, checked out garage sales, searched ebay daily for months, contacted online sellers of 2nd hand wheels, etc.

Last week I found her. A 1975 Ashford Traditional listed on ebay, just over an hours drive from here. I bid, I watched, I waited, I WON!

The wheel has had one previous owner. From what I can gather she lived in another state on a farm & got the wheel to spin fleece from a friend’s sheep farm; teaching herself. Her husband showed me a jumper (sweater) that she had knit from her handspun. The family moved north & the wheel has been unused for about 15 years. It stood in pride of place in the living room. The lady passed away 5 years ago & now the time has come for the gentleman to downsize & move again. The wheel needed a new home, I needed a wheel.

Here is how she looked on Saturday when I picked her up:

She is now in pieces & being given some TLC. Some paint, some oil, new screws…..