Magic Yarn Ball

The next couple of weeks will see a few swaps ending on Ravelry. I got a bit carried away & somehow signed up for the Birthday Swap, the favourite Colours Swap, the Rainbow Swap (this time it’s yellows turn) and the Magic Yarn Ball Swap……, is that all?? All great fun but I just need lots of lists to make sure I’m on time & am getting a package together for the correct pal in that swap.
First to finish is the magic yarn ball (myb) swap. This was great fun. The idea is to purchase a ball of yarn and a pattern that the yarn can be used for. Then rewind the yarn and include little gifts so that when your recipient is knitting up the yarn the gifts will fall out.
In all the excitement I forgot to take a picture of the myb that I sent so I’m hoping my swap pal will & I can ‘borrow’ it.
My myb arrived yesterday & it’s fabulous! My partner had obviously read my answers to the questionaire. The yarn is Noro Kureyon sock yarn which I’ve been wanting to try & the pattern is a great lace scarf & there is a matching hat that I think I will also try. She also included lollies for my boys (how thoughtful & much appreciated). Check out the gorgeous card!
So far, all my favs. Some people will rewind their myb before knitting & reveal the gifts inside but I’m going to knit it as it is & see what secrets are revealed from within…….there is a yummy smell coming from there (lemon, I think).
Check out the size of this beauty…that’s what happens when you rewind sock yarn. I didn’t have that problem as my partner wanted to try a thicker yarn, so I sent Malabrigo (not as much yardage as this baby).

I’ve started knitting the scarf (practically cast on right away) so I’ll get some progress pics up in the next few days (& hopefully remember to take photographs before I send the other swaps away).

I’ve also received 2 parcels in the birthday swap (we are in groups of 4 & send to each other on our b’days which are spread through the year). I am being good so far & resisting the urge to open them before Monday.