More Swap packages

No pics yet of my magic yarn ball project. I was making good progress until I noticed that I’d made a mistake back near the beginning. It was tempting to leave it as I didn’t think anyone would notice it & it would mean ripping out 4-5 inches of work; but rip it out I did. See I’d cast on with 5mm needles as that’s what I had grabbed on my way out the door (I cast on at my son’s soccer training), but the pattern actually recommended 5.5mm. Not much difference, but the extra .5mm is making it a more open lace & so more drapey. And I’m pleased that I did reknit & fix the mistake. Progress has been stalled so I could finish the project for the favourite colours swap and do some charity knitting. Now that the last 2 swap parcels are complete (except for birthday swaps throughout the year) I am having a break from swaps. I want to get some WIPs finished and really concentrate on the Handknit Textile Design course. I am working my way through module 3, a bit every few days but am not getting as much done as I would like.
Earlier this week I had a birthday. This meant 4 parcels turned up from the other members of the birthday swap group. It was lovely to receive gifts in the post. Here are the photos, wasn’t I spoilt? It’s amazing how strangers can be so generous. A lot of thought went into each gift & I appreciate it very much.