Red Leaves and Magic Yarn Ball Swaps

Finally a finished project to show you. This is the cotton necklace/scarf from Issue 11 (September 2008) of Yarn Magazine. The pattern, by Liz Gemmell is great to knit up. It’s one of those designs where you think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

I finished each leaf with a red bead and then knotted the yarn end (saves weaving them all back through). I also didn’t do the chain stitch feature back up each leaf.

I can imagine a whole set of these in different colours. I made 2 strands as per the pattern suggestions. I didn’t follow the pattern strictly as to the lengths of each strand or the spacing of the leaves.

I didn’t block the leaves flat as I wanted a more organic looking scarf with some leaves lying flat & others curling back onto themselves.

Nichole asked about the magic yarn ball swaps. It is arranged like most other swaps where you are allocated a swap pal to prepare a parcel for. You read your partners questionaire answers, stalk their blog etc to find out their likes & dislikes. The package you send consists of a ball/skein of yarn and a pattern that is to be knit with that yarn. As it’s only one skein this usually means hats, scarves, socks & other small projects. You also buy little gifts to include within the yarn. The yarn is rewound from its original skein or ball. As you are rewinding it, you include the gifts. For example you can include buttons, beads, other yarn, stitch markers, soaps, small notebooks……whatever you can think of. The finished item is usually a large misshapen yarn blob, lol! When your pal receives it the idea is for them to start knitting the pattern you included with the magic yarn ball. As they knit the little gifts/surprises are revealed. It’s a great incentive to knit up the yarn quickly to see what treasures are hidden within. It also keeps the pleasure of the swap going longer because even after swap parcels are received there are still postings & pictures as everyone is knitting their yarn and finding gifts inside the ball. The recent swap I was in was organised by an Australian group on Ravelry. Due to our poor Aussie dollar at the moment against US and British currency in particular I’ve been restricting any swaps to within Australia (also our postage costs are high to send overseas).
I’m currently finishing up a few WIPs that don’t need much more time put into them (like the Red Leaves above) and my magic yarn ball project is amongst that lot, so there will hopefully be lots more finished object pictures & postings to come. I’ll also be able to blog about the recent swap parcels I have sent off once my partners have received them in the next few days.