Wetlands by Charlotte Roche

When I heard about Wetlands on the ABCs First Tuesday Book Club it sounded mildly interesting. It was because so many people around the world had read this book that I thought it may be worth a read. Wetlands is a small unassuming paperback. Remember what we were always told as children ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ (literally in this case).

I’m not a prude and the central characters sexual exploits didn’t bother me. But I do have a weak stomach & what I did find unreadable was the consuming of certain body parts & excrements. Now I think that if something is expelled from either your body or someone else’s (think vomit) then there is a reason it is not to be put back into the stomach. The same goes for infected tissue that has to be surgically removed by a proctologist. Get the picture?

Definitely don’t read this book whilst eating. Actually I wouldn’t recommend reading this book at all, but that’s a personal decision and I’d be interested in others points of view. I couldn’t finish the book and I actually (with a lot of guilt) threw it away with the other unwanted paper material for recycling.