It’s Been Wet

The last couple of days have seen the south-east corner of Queensland and the north coast of NSW experiencing what has been referred to as a weather “event”. This translates to winds of around 130km/hour and torrential rainfall. Many areas are cut off by flood waters and communities have been evacuated.

I’m lucky. My town has not been evacuated, is not flooded. We have been experiencing some minor flooding with water covering some of the roads.

The most damage in my immediate area has come as a result of the strong winds on Thursday night. A lot of trees have been uprooted. The local golf course looks like a cyclone has gone through it. And we have been experiencing some power cuts. Again nothing major…..the power goes off for a few hours. Inconvenient..yes; but nothing like those communities nearby that are located in more rural areas and have had no power for 3 days. For them it can also mean no water, as they depend on tank water. No power, means no pumps to pump the water out of the tanks (which are probably overflowing now from all the rainwater).

This is the bar…that stretch of water where the local river meets the sea. It is used by the local fishing trawlers and can be treacherous without local knowledge and a calm day. It usually looks like flat water, with maybe a slight roll. Now it looks like this: