Art Journaling

If you’re like me you read a lot of blogs. Then I click links to other blogs and find more to add to my list. Sometime last year I followed a link to Sarah Whitmires blog, Caspiani. It was about the time that Sarah started posting her 22 days of Soul Journaling. One post each day for her readers to follow, different journaling techniques each day, for 22 days. I read each day. In fact I couldn’t wait for the next day but I never joined in. I wanted to but was stopped by my own negative criticisms. What if it wasn’t good enough.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that I’ve done a few online classes offered by Joggles. I’m a big fan of Joggles and highly recommend their classes. Each term new classes are offered and this time there was a class by Sarah Whitmire, Altered Journal. In this class Sarah will guide us through altering the cover of a journal. I enrolled & am enjoying the class. My reasoning was that this was not as daunting as creating a whole art journal, each page expected to be a work of art (that was my expectation anyway), this class was about altering the cover only (baby steps).

So, inspired by the joggles class and Sarah, I’ve remembered her 22 days of Soul Journaling from last year…..and I’ve decided to have a go. Sarah now has a website with links to the 22 days of Soul Journaling, to the new Yahoo group for soul journaling, new journaling prompts and her latest workshop, Advanced Techniques (maybe one day).

I’m not guaranteeing I’ll share any pictures, although I hope I will. I’ve completed Day 1 and have made a start on Day 2. The 22 days may translate to 22 weeks but I’ll see how I go. Anyone want to join me?