Soul Journaling – Inchies! Scavenger Hunt & Habu

The inchies pages are the result of days 5, 6 & 9 in the 22 Days of Soul Journaling. Seeing my pages here they look very boring & the little squares look lost on the background. In real life it looks a little more interesting, but it’s all a learning experience and great fun.

I also completed the Soul Journaling Tools and Materials Scavenger Hunt. This was interesting. The idea was to only use the items listed and create a page. The page was allowed to be prepped first so I did a layer of gesso but otherwise no brushes, glue, scissors or any other tools were to be used (unless you could fit it into the list somehow).

One thing on the list was something starting with the letter A. Looking at my “ugly” brownish page I was tempted to stick a little “A”rtwork over it to pretty it up. This got me thinking about whether my page had to be pretty & what was art anyway. This became the theme for my page, “Is it Art, what is Art?”.

You might think with my renewed interest in arty stuff that I haven’t been knitting. Not true…I’m always knitting 🙂 in fact this week I finished a scarf in Habu.

This yarn intrigued me so I bought a couple of cones of the silk & stainless steel combination, one cone in black & one cone in grey. Using 7mm needles I cast on 36 stitches, using one strand of each colour and garter stitch till I ran out of yarn.

I really like this yarn & will definitely use it again. The result is soft but, because of the steel, it is mouldable…very cool.

Back to the arty, journal stuff. I’ve found another online class to join. It doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, so plenty of time to finish the one I’m doing now. The class also has a Yahoo group and there is a Flickr group. Check it out, sounds like fun, Stencilry .