Why serendipity? Well, let’s just say I love the way the universe works to bring us what we need or bring us into contact with people at the right times in our lives.

A couple of posts ago I let you know that one of my freeform bags had been chosen in an Etsy Treasury.
Not long after that the creator of the treasury, Becky Mason, contacted me. She couldn’t get the bag out of her thoughts. She wanted that bag, had to have that bag. Becky is a very talented lampwork bead artist and she suggested an artists trade.

This is something I had never done before. I must admit I was hesitant. What if she was disappointed when the bag finally arrived? What if I was disappointed?

No need to worry. Becky loved her new purse! She intends to add some of her special beads to it to make it extra special. I can’t wait to see what she does as her beads are gorgeous.
Here is what Becky sent me:
I don’t know the process involved in creating lampwork beads but can imagine it can be quite a long delicate intricate process. Look at the detail in these:

The colour is so intense.

My original plan was to include these in some knitwear for my shop. I don’t know if I can let them go.

This one is definitely staying with me. Winston, the owl is amazing! He must be about 4 inches long and just exquisite.

Becky is a very talented lady. You can see more of her work on her website.

I love her beads so much that I’ve bought more from her etsy shop. And if you can’t resist either, tell Becky I sent you.