Australian Knitting

The Spring issue of Australian Knitting magazine arrived today. I’m guessing that most of you knitters are like me. When a crisp new issue of a knitting mag arrives in my letterbox before it hits the newsstands I can’t wait to rip open the plastic covering & feast my eyes upon it’s contents & start planning my next project.

Let me just step back a bit & give some history for those that aren’t familiar with this particular magazine. Australian Knitting is a new publication. This Spring issue is their 3rd issue. Previous issues have left me a feeling let down. But I thought maybe it’s teething problems, trying to find their niche, etc.

A main issue for me is that independent designers don’t seem to be given a chance to submit designs/patterns. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The patterns appear to be the work of bricks & mortar yarn stores & Internet yarn stores. Not necessarily a problem. I just think that if independent designers were able to submit then the designs may be a little more ‘interesting’.
I’d like to hear the opinions of a new knitter as this magazine may be just what they are looking for.

OK, back to this latest issue. After a quick perusal, I am so glad that I got the promotional 12 month subscription and am not paying full price for this. I also won’t be re-newing my subscription unless the next issue is simply amazing (I won’t hold my breath).

The first thing I noticed was the type of patterns contained in a “Spring” issue. I know in Spring we can still get some cooler days & nights, but still………..
Alpaca jackets in Spring?

Here’s what patterns are included:
Bag: no measurements are given, looks tiny. Oh wait you need 18cm straight handles. Going by the picture this would be the approx length of the bag, height looks smaller.
Ribbed Cardi: shown draped over a cupboard, partly hanging off so difficult to know how it would fit.
Pillows: a good pattern for a beginner to try some different stitch patterns
Boys Jumper: again draped over the edge of a cupboard.
Water Bottle Holder: crochet. Ok pattern if you like that sort of thing
Baby Short Sleeve Jacket & Hat: stocking stitch with moss stitch bands, cute enough
Mens Vest: basic stocking stitch, striped
Crochet Throw: nice
Super Chunky Throw: hmm a super chunky blanket just in time for summer
Ribbed Dress: spring design yes but nothing really new. This dress is just an extension of the top that graced the cover of Issue 1. Would be nice on a young slim body
Hat & Scarf: nice, looks like a feather & fan/eyelet pattern. Great for a beginner.
Summer Wrap: looks like a short sleeve cardi with long fronts. This is probably my pick in the magazine & the only pattern with a schematic
Socks: nice design
Cropped Jacket: garter stitch ridges, basic shape
Scarf: alpaca & beads. Heavy looking
Cable Cowl Scarf: Nice pattern but not for spring
Wrap Vest: described as asymmetrical but difficult to tell, no schematic. Nice
Basket Weave Jacket: loose, shapeless jacket with 1/2 to 3/4 length sleeves IN ALPACA for Spring (??)
Lacy Mohair Wrap: it’s a wrap, in mohair, what more can I say
V neck Hoodie: has a pouch pocket, otherwise plain stocking stitch, the hood looks huge.
Small Bag & mobile phone case:
Cardigan: st st, v neck, set in sleeves, good basic design
Felt Scarf:
Fingerless Gloves: nice lacy pattern
Garter Stitch Vest: knit sideways in garter stitch, another one that’s good for a new knitter to try something a bit different.
Herringbone Jacket: knit with yarn doubled, one of alpaca & one of merino. Not what I would call a spring design, otherwise nice enough.

There’s a good sprinkling of articles as well.

Over all I think it’s an OK magazine for a beginner knitter who is looking for some basic designs with a couple of new stitch patterns & techniques to try. I’d like to hear what others think…is it just me who is not getting excited by this particular magazine when it appears in the letterbox?