Not So Loud

I keep forgetting to blog about the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. If you’re on Ravelry, the link to the pattern is here. Otherwise this link will take you to Hannah’s website.

I love the Whisper Cardigan so much I have yarn & am going to cast on soon for the Featherweight Cardigan also designed by Hannah.

For Whisper I chose to use Anny Blatt Fine Kid, a wool mohair blend in purple/pink/orange. I love how the yarn pooled & swirled in some areas.
The camera had a bit of trouble focusing but you can get the idea.

And I haven’t forgotten the French Girl Knits patterns. I searched my stash first looking for a yarn that would be suitable in type & quantity for one of the projects. This lead me to photographing my stash (not including odd/part balls that I’m using for freeform projects or my knit design course samples) and loading it onto my Ravelry page. I’m hoping this will make yarn selection a bit easier in future.
But, back to French Girls. I haven’t found a yarn/project match yet so may have to do some online ordering. In the meantime I can cast on for Featherweight & finish some other WIPs.