iPod Touch

I have a new toy! Earlier this year I had to get a new mobile phone. I couldn’t justify the cost of the iPhone & didn’t think I’d use all the functions. I opted instead for a similar style touch phone, different brand. It is “OK”. I don’t find it particularly user friendly & texting is a pain.

Fast forward 6 months & my iPod decides to pack it in. I started looking at new iPods & discovered the ipod Touch (yes, I’ve been living under a rock & didn’t know it existed). Last week I had the chance to buy a slightly used 16GB iPod Touch & yesterday it arrived. I love it! I can now see the mass appeal of the iPhone.

I’ve downloaded some apps (see I’m learning the lingo) and so far have Stitchminder, Knit Counter, Tweetie and a couple of games: Words & Brain Challenge. Any other recommendations?

Oh, I promise there will be some knitting content, with photos, soon.