Static Pages

Blogger now supports static pages; and you can have up to 10 static pages. I’ve created a new page, titled Patterns. This is where I’ll be adding new patterns as they become available.

My poor blog has been neglected lately. If you take notice of information on marketing & online business lately it seems to stress the importance of social networking. To be successful, it seems you have to blog, have a website, myspace, facebook, tweet regularly & probably a dozen more things I’ve neglected to mention. Well my blog has been going for a while now but lately the posts have been few & far between. There’s a couple of reasons for that. The blog started as an outlet for me to record my freeform handbags & offer them for sale. Well along came etsy & the bags were posted there in my shop, which grew to offer more variety of knit, crochet, woven, felted & mixed media goods. Ravelry appeared & became my preferred format for recording my knitting projects. As I’ve started designing more knitwear rather than knit from patterns created by others, I seem to have less finished items to blog about. Also by concentrating on my designing I have not been dipping into other classes…the result is, again, less to blog about.

Anyway back to the social networking I mentioned before. I tried them, I “think” I had a myspace, I have a facebook profile that I still visit occasionally (more to keep up to date with distant friends/family than to post my status), I tried twitter but found it very time consuming. I set up the website and the etsy shop. In the meantime, I have a family, a job & am studying (2 courses)…….not to mention trying to fit in time to actually design. It seems I must be doomed to fail this new age business stuff as I can’t keep up with all the social networking we are told is a must for our businesses. But I really don’t care. I like my blog & the contact I’ve had with other bloggers around the world. I’m seriously thinking of shutting shop over on etsy; and now that blogger supports static pages I think I’ll transfer what little is on my website over here to the blog.
So it won’t be long before it’s just me & my little blog (hopefully with more regular postings) and Ravelry (love Ravelry…don’t know what I did without it!). Stayed tuned…….& special thanks to those followers who have hung in there for the unexpected posts that appear here.